CAES, SkyWater to Expand U.S. Strategic Radiation Hardened Semiconductor Platform


CAES, SkyWater to Expand U.S. Strategic Radiation Hardened Semiconductor Platform

CAES, a pioneer in advanced electronics design and manufacturing of secure and trusted solutions for aerospace and defense, announced an agreement with SkyWater Technology to advance the design and manufacturing of SkyWater’s strategic radiation-hardened (RadHard) integrated circuits (ICs) and systems-in-package (SiPs). The evolution of this strategic RadHard microelectronic design and manufacturing ecosystem will strengthen SkyWater’s DOD-accredited Trusted, on-shore semiconductor supply chain. 

CAES leverages its expertise in the design, testing, qualification, and manufacturing of RadHard high-reliability ICs and SiPs to enable ecosystem partners to collaborate on furthering U.S national security missions. 

Thomas Sonderman, president and CEO of SkyWater said, “CAES’ 90 nm process qualification expertise for the U.S. Government is unique in the industry and will be a key milestone for the modernization of U.S. strategic systems while increasing performance and lowering risk. By partnering with CAES, we expect to accelerate our on-shore, Trusted ecosystem for strategic defense missions that require extremely specialized, radiation-immune microelectronic process technologies.”

“CAES is excited to partner with SkyWater and provide our expertise in trusted radiation-hardened design and qualification to help strengthen the strategic, Trusted supply chain with products designed and manufactured here in America,” said Mike Kahn, President, and CEO of CAES. “We look forward to playing our part in close collaboration with SkyWater to meet the most demanding national security missions.”

Qualification and productization of SkyWater’s 90 nm rad-hard process technology (RH90) and the development of intellectual property (IP) design libraries enable CAES and ecosystem design and manufacturing partners to produce processors, security engines, memory, interface devices application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and other mission critical strategic products. 

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