Chevron Phillips Chemical’s advanced recycling program receives certification,


By Mary Page Bailey |

Chevron Phillips Chemical, LP (CPChem; The Woodlands, Tex.) announced two significant developments in its advanced-recycling program, which converts waste plastics into circular polyethylene. Since introducing Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene in October, the company has received certification through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) process and signed a long-term supply agreement with Nexus Fuels LLC (Nexus) as its first supplier of pyrolysis oil. Nexus has also signed an agreement with Shell related to the provision of pyrolysis oil for renewable chemicals production.

The internationally recognized ISCC PLUS certification verifies Chevron Phillips Chemical meets the high standards required to hold the certificate, providing customers of Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene with added confidence in the certified circular product. This certification reflects the company’s committed and growing efforts to create sustainable streams for waste plastics. Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Cedar Bayou facility in Baytown, Texas, produces Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene. It is the company’s first location to receive the ISCC PLUS certification, a status Chevron Phillips Chemical expects to seek as additional sites are added to the expanding advanced recycling program. 

Nexus, a proven leader in converting difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into pyrolysis oil, has already begun supplying its high-quality, certified feedstock needed to produce Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene. Nexus has successfully obtained ISCC PLUS certification, which combined with Chevron Phillips Chemical’s ISCC PLUS certification, establishes Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene as an end-to-end certified circular product. Jeff Gold, Nexus founder and chief executive officer, said “Consumers and brands want action, not promises, that address plastic waste.” Eric Hartz, president and co-founder, added, “Nexus and CPChem are delivering a real-world solution that is actively diverting plastic waste from landfills and the environment while generating high quality products.”

The Nexus supply agreement and ISCC PLUS certification of both companies make Chevron Phillips Chemical well-positioned to further scale production of its circular polymer and deliver sustainable products for years to come. Chevron Phillips Chemical is targeting an annual production volume of 1 billion lbs. of Marlex Anew Circular Polyethylene by 2030. CPChem first commenced commercial-scale advanced plastics recycling last year.

“The early success and certification of our advanced recycling program reinforces CPChem’s drive to cultivate a circular economy for plastics,” said Jay Bickett, vice president of polymers and sustainability at Chevron Phillips Chemical. “CPChem continues to develop approaches that generate value from plastic waste and I am confident we will maintain a leadership role in delivering sustainable solutions long after we achieve our 2030 goal.” 18:38:00

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