Henan Xinlianxin awards second ultra-low energy urea plant to Stamicarbon


By Gerald Ondrey |

Stamicarbon BV (Sittard, the Netherlands), the innovation and license company of Maire Tecnimont Group (Rome, Italy) and Henan Xinlianxin Chemicals Group Co. Ltd. in China, have signed licensing and equipment supply contracts for a second ultra-low energy grass root urea plant. The virtual signing event had all the spirit of a traditional ceremony, despite participants connecting from different countries via videoconferencing.

The first plant ever designed with Stamicarbon’s innovative Launch Melt Ultra-Low Energy design, is also licensed to this customer and is currently in commissioning at the site of their subsidiary Jiujiang Xinlianxin Fertilizer Co. Ltd. in Jiangxi province. This new contract, was signed even before the scheduled start-up of the first plant in February. It represents the third licensing project in five years between Henan Xinlianxin Chemicals Group and Stamicarbon. It started with a revamping project signed in 2016, followed by the first Ultra-Low Energy grass root plant in 2017 and this latest contract for their second Ultra-Low Energy plant in the final days of 2020.

Stamicarbon will deliver the process design package and the proprietary high pressure equipment in Safurex and associated services for both the urea melt plant and finishing by prilling. The urea plant with a Pool Reactor will have a capacity of 2,334 metric tons per day and is expected to start up in 2023.

The urea melt plant will feature Stamicarbon’s innovative Ultra-Low Energy design, allowing for heat to be used three times (instead of two), bringing energy savings currently unrivalled by any competitor. Thus, showing Stamicarbon’s commitment towards innovation and technology development to realize sustainable fertilizer solutions. By significantly reducing both steam and cooling water consumption, the design also substantially reduces plant operating costs (OPEX). The Ultra-Low design is not only suitable for new plants, it can also be used as a powerful revamp tool for both CO2 stripping and conventional urea plants.


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