Improve dosing accuracy and safety for powder weighing – Chemical Engineering


By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey |

The XPR automatic balance (photo) applies active machine learning to powder weighing, delivering accuracy, speed and safety for weighing potentially toxic or active substances. The XPR significantly reduces exposure risk while ensuring precision and safety by dosing from an enclosed head into target vials or capsules with openings as small as six millimeters in diameter. It then uses live feedback to learn a substance’s flow characteristics and improve dispensing efficiency in real time. This can be particularly effective when combined with a sample changer that can process as many as 30 samples in one automated run. Spill risk is also eliminated, as is the need to repeatedly open the balance door and transfer compounds from the main container into a secondary container. The dimensions of the balance mean that it can be operated inside a glove box or safety enclosure, further enhancing containment. — Mettler Toledo, LLC, Columbus, Ohio 04:00:00

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