iPad Pro 11 (2018 in my case) – Gamma Shift?


I got a 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch on the refurb store. Received it today. Loving the pro-motion and speakers, and it’s super fast. But I’m noticing a really weird effect, worse at lower brightness.

It seems to have a very noticeable gamma shift or contrast shift or color shift from top to bottom. Looking at it dead on it’s not bad, but the moment you tilt the iPad back a bit you notice the top 1/3rd of the screen has very weird/poor/shifted contrast.

I’ve been using iPads for years (but granted never one so large, my last one was an Air 2) and I never noticed this effect. This reminds me of the gamma shift on an old Acer laptop I had in 2011 with a glossy display (but of course, not nearly as bad.)

Is this normal os is it possible they’re using slightly lower quality displays on the refurb store? Or has it always been like this, just way less noticeable on the shorter 9.7″ displays?

In case anyone is curious, there than this weird display thing, my only other complaint is the bezels are too narrow. No way to rest thumbs/fingers comfortably.


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