Letter: Nuclear is the free market cure for our climate woes


Having read Martin Wolf’s column (“We can avert irreversible climate change”, Opinion, November 4) I would point out climate change does already have a free market solution, namely nuclear power.

Nuclear power has sat dormant as the countervailing antidote to climate change for decades. If not for “the ecological fanatics” and government political hacks who discredit nuclear power for assorted “fake” indictments of the “dangers” of nuclear power, carbon dioxide would not even be on the list of dangers to the Earth’s atmosphere.

Technological advances and innovation in nuclear power have been constrained and disincentivised by regulatory restrictions and disregard for property rights.

Recently, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation, as part of its efforts to fight climate change, attempted to build an experimental nuclear power plant in China. However, the Trump administration restricted nuclear deals with China.

Business media (such as the FT) and climate activists should advocate for nuclear power, if they sincerely seek economically feasible scientific solutions to climate change.

Clifford Sondock
President, Land Use Institute
Melville, NY, US

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