Letter to the Editor: People over policy


My son is currently expecting his first child. While this is supposed to be a time for him to experience all aspects of the pregnancy, he has not been allowed to attend any of the prenatal appointments for his unborn child. Allowing a father to be part of the entire birthing process is an integral part of bonding between father, mother and child.

Why is it fathers AND mothers (sometimes siblings) are allowed into well child checks together? Does the policy change when the child is born? The mother is allowed to prenatal visits by default but why is the person that helped create the life, not allowed?

Both parents should be able to witness, participate, and enjoy ALL aspects of the birthing process. This includes appointments when the child is in-utero.

MaineHealth should be setting a standard of care not a standard of fear. To deny my son access to these appointments, the education and the support they provide is a disservice to him, the mother of his child, and his child. Allowing him to be present during prenatal visits as well as ultrasounds should be a right not a request.

I understand the importance of limiting exposure. The enormity of what is happening is frightening. I also understand the importance of common sense and performing due diligence. My anti-symptomatic son and his girlfriend, like couples everywhere, have been hunkered down during pregnancy to limit their own exposure, and yet, they are still “a risk”. My son is willing to be tested to prove that he is negative and he is also willing to don all appropriate PPE.

This is an opportunity for MaineHealth to ensure that patients and their loved ones are getting not only the medical care they deserve, but the emotional and educational support they deserve.

Stephanie Hopkins

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