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The Seventh Commandment, perhaps one of the commandments most often ignored, continues in this vein. One only needs to read the daily news or see television to know how often the Seventh Commandment is ignored. To sleep with another man’s wife destroys a different form of life — family life — and “murders” trust. Adultery destroys marriages, and marriages are the building blocks of a moral civilization. Although adultery might not always lead to divorce, no matter what the Hollywood elites might try to sell us, adultery does not help stabilize the couple’s relationship, nor that of the family.

Unfortunately, adultery and sexual misconduct are often part of modern life. The movie and television industries promote it, and our public schools have too often reduced sexuality to a biological phenomenon. Too many people in political and corporate power have come to see adultery and sexual exploitation as mere perks connected with their job. The multiple sexual exploitations that have recently come to light and the “MeToo” movement are constant reminders that humanity lives with a constant struggle — the struggle between the sacred and the profane.

In our day, too many people have experimented with some form of open marriage. Judaism considers such an action to be an offense to one’s partner, to one’s community and to God. Although different people might have their reasons for seeking some form of love outside of marriage, the Torah views marriage as a necessary ingredient not only for a stable person, but also a stable society.

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