Monitor bolt loads, even at high temperatures – Chemical Engineering


By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey |

The new High Temp Maxbolt (photo) is able to operate in temperatures up to 650°F for proven performance in extended high-temperature run times and thermal cycling. High Temp Maxbolt, like the original Maxbolt, helps to reduce downtime, premature wear and catastrophic joint failures in critical industries, including chemical processing, mining and energy. Maxbolt has a built-in analog gage that enables installation technicians to know, at a glance, when proper load is achieved. During operation, technicians literally see if load ever falls out of specification on any bolt, addressing the need immediately instead of waiting for critical equipment failure. With an accuracy of ±5%, and compliance with ASTM F2482, the High Temp Maxbolt provides realtime tension indication, and operates in both rapid thermal cycle applications and in prolonged high-temperature situations. — Valley Forge & Bolt Mfg. Co., Phoenix, Ariz. 04:00:00

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