Our son died in front of us, not all in this together, learn from the greatest


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Our son died in front of us

My son, 36 years old, was among the homeless staying at the Ramada on Odlin Road in Bangor. Last Sunday, in front of the Rodeway Inn, he was found unconscious and his heart had stopped. The police and the fire department gave him CPR and epinephrine, to jumpstart his heart, rushed him to the hospital, but he never regained consciousness and he ultimately died.

I’m his father, and his daughter and his mother had to watch while he died in front of us when after four days they removed the respirator, because of opioid overdose. This seems to be an epidemic in this state and several others. The news doesn’t say very much about it. Why?

Travis Smith

bangordailynews.com2020-07-23 18:50:44

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