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RENEWI, Nordsol, and Shell have signed an agreement to build a plant to produce bio-based liquid natural gas (LNG). The partnership will convert organic waste into bio-LNG to serve as a sustainable fuel for long-haul transport, contributing to circular economy.

Bio-LNG can serve as a sustainable alternative to diesel fuel. According to the partnership, it plays an important role in making long-haul transport carbon dioxide- (CO2) neutral.

Waste-to-energy company Renewi collects organic waste throughout the Netherlands from multiple industries and converts it into biogas. Renewi will deliver a portion of the biogas it produces to bio-LNG technology company Nordsol, which will use the gas to make bio-LNG via an integrated process.

Shell, which is a minority investor in Nordsol through Shell Ventures, will distribute the bio-LNG to nearby Shell LNG stations to supply customers.

The plant will be built at a Renewi site, and operationality is expected by mid-2021.

The partnership declined to provide further technical detail.

Hilmar van den Dool, General Manager of Retail at Shell, said: “Over the past ten years, we have set up a network of seven LNG stations in the Netherlands to enable our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions with LNG trucks.”

“By gradually replacing LNG with bio-LNG, we are taking a big step towards emission-free transport. Bold collaborations such as this one will lead to the necessary innovations society needs.”

Jerom van Roosmalen, CEO of Nordsol, said: “Our bio-LNG is a clean and safe fuel at an affordable price point.”

“This collaboration is a significant first step to making bio-LNG a mainstream fuel in the Netherlands. With our partners, we offer a valuable alternative to green gas.” 15:37:14

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