Radiological monitoring station installed at Seabrook Beach – News – The Newburyport Current


Due to the efforts of the Citizens’ Initiative to Expand Radiological Monitoring in New Hampshire, C-10 has installed the first new monitoring station in the Granite State in more than a decade. The private home is located about two miles southeast of Seabrook Station as the crow flies.

C-10 will soon have its first full month of collecting beta and gamma radiation levels as well as wind speed and direction from this site. C-10 has never had public funding to conduct monitoring in the New Hampshire communities within the 10-mile radius of Seabrook, while the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has supported the network since 1992, soon after C-10’s incorporation.

State Rep. Somssich of Portsmouth has been working with C-10 over the past two years, and has helped raise about $42,000 in private contributions and foundation grants so far. Somssich and some of his colleagues in the New Hampshire legislature have also tried to garner state funding through the budget process, with the most recent attempt stalling out this summer due to COVID-19.

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