Remove toxic fumes and gases economically and effectively – Chemical Engineering


By Mary Page Bailey and Gerald Ondrey |

The Fume Scrubber product line (photo) offers a reliable way to remove and neutralize acid fumes, noxious laboratory gases, particulate matter, odors, dust and condensable contaminants in manufacturing processes. The Fume Scrubbers work by pulling contaminated fumes and gases into the flow of a wash fluid, such as dilute sodium hydroxide. The intimate mixing of air/gas and liquid streams produces an effective and instant cleaning solution. Scrubbed of contaminants, the air/gas mixture is then separated from the wash liquid in a separation tank. The washing fluid is then recycled and reused. The effectiveness of the process is enhanced by properly matching the contacting scrubber fluid with the air or gas feed stream. This methodology is said to be more effective than filters for gas and condensable vapor removal. Furthermore, Fume Scrubber systems are not impacted by corrosive fumes and require little maintenance. — Jet-Vac Technologies, Stoughton, Mass. 04:00:00

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