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Doucette was not hospitalized, electing to do everything over the counter and from home.

“My wife is an X-ray technologist but also a radiological practitioner assistant. She has all the external thermometers, the oximeters for measuring your oxygen. So, she was kind of keeping an eye on it,” he said. “My oxygen levels got a little low, but not dangerously low. I bet I slept 20 hours a day.”

His wife did not get the virus, but Doucette noted that she was “really sick in March” and that she was going to get tested for antibodies.

However, his grandchildren both contracted the virus and experienced different outcomes.

“The 12-year-old didn’t get real sick, but now he has stomach problems so we need to see if those are related,” he said. “The 17-year-old was really sick for about a week but seems to be fine now.”

Doucette’s recovery was not immediate but he did get better after a few days. However, some of his issues have lingered.

“It was static for about three days and on the fourth day it started to get better. I am going to be honest, by about seven o’clock at night I’m still pretty wiped out. I’m pretty tired now, and this is what — 20 days after I was done with it,” he said.

“I get extremely tired. Normally, I get by on about six, seven hours of sleep max. Now, I’m sleeping eight, nine hours a night minimum. I have some aches in some joints I didn’t have before, either. I do have arthritis in my right leg, but I’ve got a real bad ache in my left shoulder that came on in the middle of it. Whether it’s something I had coming on that it just aggravated or if it’s something that it did, I don’t know.

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